I have all of the feelings now.  I'm sober. Sad, tired, happy, ecstatic, terrified, sexy, ugly, bored...





Sober up, Buttercup.

I'm new to sobriety.  I drank hard for about 15 years.  That is my entire adult life.  From the minute I tasted alcohol, I knew it was my true love.  We were going to be together forever.  As it turns out, alcohol was an asshole and made me an even bigger asshole. Wine and I were going to go to our grave in a ball of flames if I did not quit-probably taking a few people with us.  This is NOT my alcohol induced stories even though people like to laugh about them.  I will not be telling you about the time I flooded 3 rooms because I was passed out in the bathtub on Ambien and red wine.  I am not going to elaborate on the time I drove to the wrong house and Goldilocks-ed it into the wrong bed for an afternoon 8 hour nap after a few bottles of midday Champagne and Xanax soon after losing my shirt somewhere and purchasing a lemonade obviously from a child's lemonade stand.  Not ever will I glorify the many many times I walked around my car because I was so blacked out that I did not remember driving home praying that there were not dents or blood on the bumper.  I gave up alcohol on June 8th of 2016.  I am not going to ever drink again.  This is my story of hope and recovery-NOT of how f-ed up I was.  I hope with my blog, people find a little hope or a little laugh with this thing we call LIFE.   It's good.  It's bad.  It's real.