girl and tonic

Laurie is from London.  She's active and young.  She is getting it together and spreading what she is learning so others can, too!  

Bloomin Ash

 Whether you are working through recovery, PTSD, divorce, Ashley Ann can relate.  She writes with dry humour which I love!  

susanne blumer.jpg

Susanne Blumer has a wealth of knowledge to share. Her honesty is inspiring. Follow her journey here. 

Badass Soberhero

Kathryn has been sober for over a year.  She is delightfully honest and real.  Her page says *if you're not living life on the edge, you're taking up too much space*  And, if that isn't badass, I don't know what is.  

a story of healing by

lara frazier

This girl gets it.  We both believe that talking helps others more than hiding in anonymity. She is not afraid to share her story to inspire others.  She is beautiful and so is her story.  

Served Up Sober

"Trying to get conscious? Then get sober. Follow for daily inspirations on how to develop a sobriety routine. Consciousness starts with sober thought."

Served Up Sober, she makes amazing videos.   

Escape The Wine Glass

Elaine is a lovely and insightful sober mom, wife and fitness fanatic.  She asks questions that need to be asked.  She is relatable.  Read up, y'all.  

An Introvert's Guide to Sobriety

Jenny posts a sobriety related blog post every Wednesday.  Fantastic Blog.  Super consistent poster.  A must read.

Sober Mami

40ish, spicy Latina Mamma. Hardcore Recovered Alcoholic. Spiritual Warrior. Chronic F-bomber.  She's been through recovery in the rooms of AA and is sharing her experiences.  


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