Drink by Ann Dowsett Johnston

This book.  This book.  This book.   Johnston writes a very relatable account of her personal battle with alcohol.  It delves deeply into the alcoholic woman of many ages and classes through candid interviews.  But, mainly it is eye opening for the very average, middle class woman.  She brings up great insight from the marketing aspect that could bring anger if you've battle your own demons of alcoholism.  I was angry reading it. 

The insight has given me definite answers to the anxiety I feel from cravings I cannot explain.  I understand why through marketing and other "feelings" in an ordinary day why I get these pangs of alcoholic want.  It is partially through the marketing campaigns that targeted me and my generation of women that I was conditioned for my adolescence and adulthood.  But, with knowledge it becomes possible for me to keep myself informed of the reason I feel and want to do things like drink...this is what I call the "why?"  I am always looking for the "why" now.   Because, for me, the "why" helps me understand and make changes to my behavior.  

Top Reasons I Love This Book

1.  It is relatable for a female whereas other "alcoholic" books aren't as much.  

Drink offers insight into the gradual decline into alcoholism of a very functioning responsible woman.  This is something that is considerably new to the world.  But, there are so many of us out there. Most of the world still sees a picture of a deadbeat man that has lost everything as the picture of alcoholism.  It is not just a man's disease. 

2.  It explains research of marketing that has targeted women specifically.

Drink gives you insight into the marketing campaigns that have directly targeted women.  This gave me an "AHA!" moment because I know I am a product of commercialism to a certain extent.  I'm a shopper-to a fault, have always been. 

3.  It delves into female familial relationships with your mother.

This is huge, especially for a woman.  It goes deeper into feelings that women have which are unique to women no matter how hard we try and exist in a man's world. It definitely won't fix your depression or anxiety, but it touches on how that can relate to reliance on alcohol and the periods in your life that are most important to watch for the emotional problems that we self medicate as women.  I will definitely look at my children at a certain age differently after reading this. 


Read it.  It is a great book.  What did you think?  We need a book club. 

The paperback link is sold out, but they have the kindle version available.  You can download the kindle app onto your smart phone if you don't have a kindle.  



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