I Put Vodka in my Bailey's


Kinder und Betrunkene sagen immer die Wahrheit.

What the saying means to German people: "It´s hard to find people who tell you the truth."  

Translation literally: "Drunken people and children are the only ones telling the truth."

I woke up in Frankfurt, Germany.  Today was particularly beautiful because the weather is just on the brink of fall and holding steady at a 60 degrees and sunny.  Of course, I went for a walk.  I ran into two of my work colleagues in the main lobby of the hotel on my way outside.  We had been there 8 hours and they were well into their second bottle of wine.  With the best of intentions, they begged me to hang out with them.  I claimed I was not feeling great, which was the truth.  They drunkenly gave their opinions of where I should walk if I was set on being on my own.  

There is a riverwalk that takes you directly to the central area of Frankfurt alongside the Main River.  As I walked, every second person had either a beer sitting outside soaking up the beautiful fall weather. Yeah, I notice.  I needed a pair of new running shoes, but on Sunday there is absolutely nothing open aside from bars and cafes.  So, I just kept walking.  I walked about 10 miles.  I came across a marathon.  I saw people with their medals drinking at the bar at the end of the marathon.  Noticed.  I walked until sunset.  It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed it.

 I returned to the hotel just in time to meet my crew sitting at happy hour at the bar.  Not easy.  I politely declined.  I had already heard their "Woe is me" stories of divorce and failed relationships.  And, that was all I could handle for today.

At one point, a colleague said, "you said you don't drink?"  

I said, "Yep."

"I will show you a drink you'd love!  It has very little alcohol in it."  He said, assuming I was just not a big drinker like a good girl.

I said, "I have no doubt I'd love it.  I'd need to fill the rest of the glass with vodka."  

A girl exclaimed with truth, "I hear ya sister, I put vodka in my Bailey's."

"Yep."  I said in agreement with a half sad laugh although I would never drink Bailey's. 

The Germans say that only drunken people and children tell the truth.  But, when you stop drinking, your truth changes.  She was telling me the truth about needing more alcohol than Bailey's could give her.  But, her truth came with a laugh.  As a recovering alcoholic, perspective becomes your truth.  You can listen instead of wallow.  You can find joy in the simple.  You can laugh from the perspective of both sides of the bottle.  I am not going to lie.  I went to bed that night and cried.  It ain't all good.  I found solace in a naked cheeseburger in bed.  I drank warm milk because I cannot take Ambien anymore.  I watched Titanic because it was the only thing on TV in English.  Sometimes you just have to watch Titanic and cry it out.  I survived.   I'm not sure what my kindred vodka friend did.  But, she wasn't top notch at 5 am the next day.  But, hey, neither was I. #truth

As the Germans say...As Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten.  "Only the strong survive."

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