Addicts Counsel Addicts Better

My counselor mentioned I might want to quit my job.  And, even in my most lost state, I knew quitting my job would not help my drinking problem.  It would cause a whole hell of a lot of problems when the bill from rehab rolled around, though.

Rehab is a teeter totter of emotions.  One second you are smiling, the next crying.  One meal you eat, the next you vomit.  One night you sleep, the next you lie awake thinking about doing a runner to the nearest liquor store and drinking 1-18 bottles of Champagne.  I personally disagree with someone without an alcohol addiction advising someone with an alcohol addiction to make extreme life choices.  You are vulnerable when speaking to someone in a counselor position in a situation like rehab and this is not a position to be taken lightly.  She is and was incorrect to advise anyone to quit a job.  Ever.  Did she help me, yes.  But, did she understand me.  No.  

People that have not lived in addiction have zero capability of knowing how an addict feels.  You can have a brother or sister, be married to an alcoholic for decades, and study all you want at university.  But, no book nor relationship can ever make you see through an addicts eyes.  I am not saying that non-addicts cannot help an addict.  Everyone can help.  But, counselors and psychologists should not walk around like a superhero with all of the answers.  The only person that can superhero someone out of addiction is the soberhero himself.  And, the only person that can see life through an addict's eyes is another addict.  This is why NA and AA work.  

The fact is you cannot let your addiction disable you.  Yes.  I am constantly exposed to alcohol as a flight attendant.  But, that was never my problem.  I was a full-on addict when I was not in my current job.  I was actually worse when I was in another job where I could drink at business dinners.  I was equally as bad a drinker as a teacher.  And, you do not even want to know how much I drank when I was a "housewife."  My gosh, shit hits the fan with idle hands.  There is no magical unicorn career that will not expose me to alcohol.  There is no padded room that I can live in that will protect me from myself.  Guess what?  I have to exist in the world as it is.  

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.  The courage to change the things I can.  And, the wisdom to know the difference.  So, the only thing you need to quit when you are an addict is....feeding your addiction.  Not your job.