My Fa-la-la-la Fetish

Yeah, I drank all of that wine one year and made a Christmas tree out of the corks.  I made 5 of these.  Hi, my name is April and I am a Christmas-a-holic.  I get an itch around November 1st to just jump right into decorating. I think a Santa Clause figurine holding a pumpkin is appropriate for people like me.  Alas, decoration time is here.  Out comes the tree and ornaments.  I have never decorated my tree sober.  To many decorating is just throwing a few ornaments on the tree and calling it a day-easy peasy.  To me it is EPIC.  My tree has memories of monumental proportions.  You know all of those memories that we suppress during our addiction....the good, the bad, the ugly?  Yeah, I hang them on my tree.  Let me explain.

I am an extreme traveler and an extreme shopper.  Combine the two extremes and you end up with a lot of souvenirs.  Having been to over 50 countries, I would definitely have a house full of junk.  Thankfully, in my early travels I made a choice to become a collector of Christmas ornaments.  For every new place I travel, I buy an ornament to bring out once a year as a reminder of the trip.  This keeps me in check so I do not have knick-knacks all around my house.  

I am taking decorating for Christmas slowly this year.  I've already come across many land-mark ornaments that brought me to tears.   Ornaments from my since passed grandparents.  Sad.  An ornament I bought while on vacation in California with my friend who passed from brain cancer a few years ago.  I fell asleep in the convertible while shopping and instead of waking me, she just rubbed sunscreen on my skin and drove around until I woke up.  She was beautiful.  Happy sad.  An ornament of my dog that I lost in my split that says No. 1 pet.  Irreparably sad.  A Space Needle that reminded me of the time I went to Seattle and my ex decided to go out with someone else for drinks instead of staying in with me.  Angry sad.  I could go on and on with 100+ memories of my life.  I one time wandered around Morocco (a Muslim country) in search of a Christmas ornament for my fetish.  My Fa-la-la-la-la fetish.  

So, how am I at 162 days?  I am at 162 days going on 30.  I guess sometimes you have to go back to counting the minutes.  But, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.  It feels good.  It feels bad.  It feels REAL. 


Sober Style, 5th MonthAPRIL