Ellen Degeneres Asked if I was Drunk...

My family is great.  They're a bushel of kisses and pecks and hugs around the neck.  We love, we fight, we travel. My mother, younger sister and I went to California and stayed in Santa Monica for a long weekend. We got tickets to the Ellen Degeneres show.  It. Was. Awesome.  

We got dressed and journeyed to Burbank.  In usual excited fashion, we arrived early and decided to get lunch because it takes about 6 hours for filming.  We stopped at an Italian place.  I, of course, had some drinks.  Then, we went to watch Ellen.  

I am an uber happy person. (when I'm happy)  And, when I get happy, it explodes.  I laugh.  I jump.  I smile.  I burst with happiness.  So, needless to say, when Ellen called me down to play one of her games on the show, I burst.  I burst with excitement.  So, add that to having a few drinks and I super burst.  I lost the game.  The comments on YouTube are hilarious.  One lady said, "the lady looks like a seal," talking about me.  Watch the link.  I cannot.  It makes me cringe with embarrassment.  I could not throw a coconut through a hole even if I hadn't been drinking.  But, it was great fun and I couldn't say better things about Ellen and her team that works with her.  They are genuinely wonderful people. 

What do I remember from that day?  Being so happy my face hurt from smiling and Ellen asking me if I had been drinking.  It could've been a wake up call.  But, it wasn't.  If Ellen cannot give you a wake up call...no one can.  That's just the way wake up calls work.  You have to call yourself.   It's an awkward conversation.  I recommend starting with, "you're going to need to sit down for this." 

Sober Style, 6th MonthAPRIL