Sobriety is Rented. I Pay Two Cents.

My sobriety is slipping. The lack of security comes in waves. More than once I've thought, what is this sobriety thing? You made it a year. You can probably drink now. What. The. Fuck. My complacent brain has the worst suggestions sometimes and apparently the worst memory. To combat my complacency, I am pulling out the BIG GUNS to keep on track. One journal entry a day is the big plan. Pew pew.


There is a saying that Sobriety is never owned.  It is rented. Rent is due every day. That is what blogging is for me. It is my two cents. My rent. It is my daily self evaluation. I lost myself for a long time in alcohol use. Time stood still. Alcohol tricks your mind into staying in a stagnant state of non-progression. I encourage anyone and everyone to blog to stay present in your life. I get questions a lot about how I blog and if I have any advice. So here it is, my advice... 


1. Blog for passion.   

You have to believe full heartedly in what you blog about. It is not going to make you rich, in my experience. If you are blogging and you happen to make lots of money, please let me know how to make it rain. I love dolla dolla bills, y'all. 

2.  Don't think you're an expert on everything. 

People who stop drinking have a tendency to think they have found the answers to all of life's tough questions. Rejecting other people's advice could hurt your recovery in the long term. What have I learned in my year of blogging? There are a lot of people out there with great info and experiences to share with me, for free! I am kind of a misery loves company sort of gal. But, I'm also a happiness loves company gal, too.

3.  Don't get too political.  

There is a time and place for talking politics. Where is political talk appropriate? On a blog about politics. Period. I read a lot of blogs. I love opinions. But, I despise political rants. I stopped reading several recovery blogs because they got a little intolerant of political views other than their own. I read blogs for kindred recovery experiences. Let's be honest,  if they gave an addict the lead...we'd legalize EVERYTHING .  

4.  Be real. Real is not perfect.

This is tricky. Bloggers want to feel respected and popular. But, that is not what blogging is about. It is about being yourself. Be real.  Have good intentions. I, as a blog reader, want to know you are blogging for the betterment of yourself and your readers, not to earn a fanbase. If you aren't Ryan Gosling, I'm not fanning. 


Those are my two cents about blogging. Rent paid. If you start a blog/have a blog/dream about having a blog, let me know. Blogs are my number one resource in recovery. FYI: I am yet to read a blog that says "I wish I'd never gotten sober."