176 Days. Cutting the Sugar Helps Avoid Relapse.

Don't reward yourself with food. 

You're not a dog.

As a drinker...Excuse me, as a professional drinker, I never craved sugar.  I would crave wine-which has an unbelievable amount of sugar in it.  But, never once did I add sugar to my coffee.  I would frequently pass on dessert for more wine.  To be honest, I would pass on dinner for another glass of wine.

Fast forward to my sober days, I crave sugar.  I crave "4 butterfingers a day" sugar.  I am done with the gaining of weight.  I'm finally getting my emotion rollercoaster back on track, and I feel like getting on a scale could send me back to the crying stage if I do not squash the weight gain now.

What is the plan? No more sugar rewards for my brain.  Here's my first great substitute I tried.  I found it on Pinterest and this substitute is a win! To curb the sugar craving with your coffee, add cinnamon!  It tastes fantastic and seasonal.  It gives you the feeling that you are drinking sugar coffee without the sugar crash.  

If anyone wants to research more into why sober alcoholics increase their consumption...read this.  http://www.alternatives-for-alcoholism.com/sugar-and-alcoholism.html  This article has great insight on why we turn to sugar in absence of alcohol and why we should remove it from our diets.  Apparently, sugar ups and downs, highs and lows could lead us right into relapse.  So, here goes.  NO MORE BUTTERFINGERS!!!  #Tears  


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