New Beginnings

June 8th 2016.  Actually, alcoholics always set the first full day of not drinking as their sobriety date, but I stopped at 10 pm Central time on June 7th.  I will never forget that night I polished off the sparkling wine I picked up on my last trip to Paris.  It was a perfectly scheduled decision to stop drinking then as I knew the 3 bottles of wine would be out of my system just in time to blow in a breathalyzer for check-in to my residential treatment.  I blew a 0.  I congratulated myself for the gazillionth time for perfectly timing my alcoholism.  I was good at it, if that is a thing.  I call it "functional alcoholism."  I refer to myself as a functional alcoholic because I have never been in legal trouble or fired from a workplace.  But, my drug counselor informed me that functional alcoholism does not exist.  Alcoholism is not functional.  I spent 15 years not functioning.   This is my new beginning.