Protecting Yourself from the Zika Virus

I can walk into a swarm of mosquitoes and come out bite free.  I am pretty sure that it is because my blood tastes of tequila and cigarettes.  I am frequently required to go to Zika effected countries for work.  I am absolutely, tee-totally terrified.  I never worry about other diseases and tote myself to have a super human immune system.  But, I want a baby.  This year.  So, if you see a woman in Miami or Sao Paolo swimming in long-johns, just wave.

I ardently googled how to protect myself and found great resources.  My favorite recommendations are-

1.  Use DEET.  It is the best and fights the Aedes mosquito which carries Zika. 

2.  Put your bug spray on AFTER sunscreen.  

3.  My dad introduced me to permethrin and it is possible to treat your clothing with it.  I intend to spray everything down to my skivvies this weekend in Dallas while we spend time at the lake.  I will smell horrific, but Texas watering holes=Mosquitoes.

4.  Wear long sleeves and long pants. If a mosquito chooses me, he's going straight for the ankles.  I might wear leg warmers just to be safe.  

5.  Let's be honest.  Check the CDC website and if you do not have to go to a Zika active city, just don't.  You can always go to Spokane instead. Look at this river view. Teetotally awesome.