Roll up

Whenever they need me.  Whenever they want me.  I roll up.  I am on reserve,  a system where you find out where you are going the night before a trip at 7 pm.  At 7 pm last night, I found out that I had to go sit at the airport for 4 hours at 9 am on what we call "airport standby."   So, at 7 am I got up and to my surprise scheduling had me flying to Cabo instead of sitting at the airport staring at a wall.  The catch was, it was an hour earlier, at 8 am.  


So, my alcoholic brain immediately thought, "they cannot move my trip an hour earlier, I will be illegal!"  Illegal means that you would be breaking the federal law on drinking in relationship to when you are required to be on duty in this particular scenario.  We have strict guidelines.  You cannot under any circumstances drink within 8 hours of a duty period.  As an alcoholic, I would always follow this rule...down to the minute most times.  Like, I've said before, I was great at being an alcoholic. But, this great timing would never allow for a duty period to be moved forward an hour.  Ever.  My drinking was always exactly calculated.  No leeway. 


Today, I did not have to worry about my drinking being too close to my duty period because I have been alcohol free since June 8th, 2016.  I did not have to admit I was "illegal" and tuck my tail between my legs to my workplace. I could do it.  No calculations needed. I can roll up for Cabo.  Not for Detroit. But, Cabo, sí.