Wine IS nice. Beer IS nice. Wine AND beer ARE nice.

Wine IS nice. Beer IS nice. Wine AND beer ARE nice.   Thank goodness blogging is not writing essays.  I would get red marks throughout.  Writing your own personal account into a blog reflects your personality and the way you speak.  I am trying to avoid too much self-criticism as I am my own worst critic.  But, let's be honest, I have the linguistic skills of a 3 year old.   I barely speak English anymore and I am full on American-if we can even define what that is.   I wonder if it is the constant pickling of my brain I experienced in the past 20 years from tequila and sparkling wine, or is it just what happens when you stop writing?

 I wish I was the variety of person that has organized thought.  You know the blogger...they're the same people that can write a book.  They're authors.  They will type out their thoughts, wait a day or two, reread, proofread, delete/add, correct errors.  Me-I am a poster.  I write then I post.   There is no proofreading.  There is no objectivity into whether or not  I am posting something that might be offensive, inappropriate, or just plain uninteresting.  There is no reflecting on anything thing between point A to Z.  Write, then post.

This is my downfall.  I am someone into immediate gratification.   I drank this way, too-with reckless abandon.  I immediately wanted to feel the effects of the alcohol so I never paused between glasses.  I drank another immediately after the first.  There was no glass of water in between glasses of wine.  If a waiter did not return fast enough, I would get frustrated because it paused my alphabet song.  I could not get to Z fast enough.  I never evaluated what others were drinking around me.  Apparently, most were enjoying the B, C, D....Y's of life. 

At day 165 of my sobriety journey.  I am looking for less immediate gratification.  I am learning to like the other letters in the alphabet.  I am learning to like the journey.  And, I am learning English again, and I am doing very good or well.  One of those.  


Sober Style, 6th MonthAPRIL