The Best Investment I've Ever Made. Stock Market

Now that I am sober, I am going out in the world and trying to learn new things and find new healthy sober activities.  You know what?  I like a lot of things. Who knew?   Drunk me was too occupied finding good wines and online shopping.  Yeah, I one time got drunk and a few days later, a shirt showed up saying "I am THE star" on it.  

So, instead of putting the extra $600 a month into corny tees that I only laughed at after a bottle or two, I am learning to trade.  I mean with numbers and charts.  You know, buy long, sell short. 

I am not a gambler.  I am quite analytical actually. I waaaay overthink everything to the point of making very few decisions.  But, you know what, I am learning calculated risk and I am enjoying every minute of it.   

Numbers have always had a special place in my heart.  People can ruin them with statistics and choice data.  But, that is part of the fun, trying to pull the black and white out the grey that people make.  Finding patterns.  Evaluating skew.  Riding the curves.  Everything has its pivot point.  I had mine June 8, 2016.   And, my sobriety stock is holding steady....and has so far saved me at least $1800.  Best investment I've ever made, and it is in myself.  



4th MonthAPRIL