7 Great Excuses to Avoid Going Out

So, we all know.  People like to drink.  Regular people like to have other people around to do it.  So, they ask you to join them.  You know who likes to drink the most, your work colleagues...well mine do.  The kicker as a flight attendant is you do not have the privacy of your own home.  You are staying in a hotel with them, so all house related excuses are out.  No more "I have to meet with the plumber." This also applies to dorms for the college people out there that are tired or smart about the party scene.  No privacy means you'll need an excuse that'll fly with no questions asked.

When you do not want to have a conversation on why you are sober, what do you say?  You know the conversation I'm talking about, "Are you pregnant?"  "Are you sick?"  People just have to know the why's, especially when you have been drinking them under the table for years.  And, sometimes, you just do not want to have the entire, "I'm an alcoholic" conversation.  So, give it to them in a way they cannot ask questions.  Here are my top 7 excuses.

1. I'm taking antibiotics.  I could still be contagious.

2.  I need to go workout.  

3. I have a terrible headache and need to lie down.

4.  I told my friend I'd be around to talk, she just split up with her boyfriend/husband.

5.  I am on a diet, so drinking is out altogether for a while. 

6.  I have to manage my taxes/investments/budget/allowance.  Anything money and people don't ask.

7.  I am planning a party/wedding/shower for someone and need to work on that.  

Just make sure your excuse is not too elaborate.  Elaborate just makes you look like a lying a-hole.  The key is never give more than 3 details.  Good luck.  When all else fails, tell the truth. Because darlin, your truth ain't so bad.