Sobriety is Hellasexy


Let me tell you a little thing every drunk lady is thinking as she downs her 3rd glass of wine...She's thinking she looks good.  She is loud and up for some man time.  Wine is an aphrodisiac.  It makes women happy, horny and socially lubricated...pun intended.  So, I'd like to point out why being sober is even sexier than just being up for it while slobbering drunk.  Being sober actually makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, especially long-term.  Say what?!?!  

A sober woman...

1.  Feels everything.  There is nothing sexier to a man than having a lady that is truly feeling it.  I mean, we're not drunk.  We're present.  We actually 100% want you.  Come on, what kind of sexy ego boost is that?  The best kind.  

2.  Smells better.  Yeah, we smell better in all of the right places.  I mean breath and BO, you guys.  You know why?  Because when we get ready to go out, we are focused on our hygiene and not our pre-game drinking.  When we look into the mirror at the club/date/restaurant/anywhere we are not looking a blurry version of ourselves.  We wash our hands.  We are the same sort of sober clean in the morning.  Morning looks good on us.  Guess what-no hangover means LOVE and not PAIN in the morning.  You're welcome.

3.  Is appreciative.  She is going to remember everything you do for her.  And, truthfully, she loves even the little things.  She's a cheap date.  No more shelling out a couple of hundred bucks for drinks to impress her.  You can be you.  You can actually impress her with your insides and not your wallet.  She is chock full of gratitude in all areas of her life.  She wakes up and goes through a list of things she is thankful for and you're on it.    

4.  Is honest and real.  No more flirting with other dudes because she was socially lubricated.  No more cheating on "accident" because she was out and wasn't in charge of her actions.  Trust and accountability makes a woman super duper attractive.  We're aware. And, we're aware that you don't deserve a midnight text.  You deserve our best intentions.

5.  Knows who she is.  A lot of girls who drink more than a drink are insecure and this helps ease her anxiety.  Being secure with yourself is hellasexy.  We've done a lot of soul searching and made non-conformative choices to be sober.  We know why.  We've taken a look at ourselves and apologized for our wrongs and made a commitment to live our lives with intention.  You're not going to get the wrong impression from us.  If we like bike riding-it is the truth.  If we like dancing-truth.  You want a girl who isn't pretending, go for a sober girl.  She's got her shit together and is working on herself day to day.  

Guess what?  Every girl finds a sober guy hellasexy, too.  All of the above could be reasons we're attracted to a sober guy, too.  But, you guys also have particularly powerful benefits with sobriety.  You definitely man-up and rise to the occasion.  Sober you is a full-sized version of yourself and we find it hard not to appreciate that you're a stand up guy.  I will elaborate later because you know I have a hellalong list about what is sexy about a sober man.  Sneak peak in case you missed the guys definitely get a boost in the sack.  Hellasexy.