My How

They say sobriety is rented and rent is due everyday.  I realized this is my key to staying sober.  Mindfulness is my rent.  I wake up every day and pay my "rent."  I read inspirational quotes.  I listen to other people that are in recovery.  I listen to people that have achieved sobriety for 1 minute and people who have been sober 30 years.  It is a way to direct my day with positive affirmations and positive support.  It was becoming more and more difficult for me to attend meetings with my hectic schedule.  I travel a lot.  I am in an airplane a lot.  Then, it clicked in me.  I cannot be a meeting maker.  But, I can make it.  I can remain sober.  But, I cannot do it on my own.

How do I do it?  I have a very supportive Instagram community that guides me day by day.  I have people who care about my recovery because they care about others.  I do not have to pay them like I do my counselor and my doctors.  They are unconditional suand they expect nothing but my success in return.  

This is the way the world should work.  This is why I believe in other people.  This is why I believe in myself.   

This is my How.  And, with gratitude, it is becoming my Why. 


6th MonthAPRIL