3 Things That Annoy Me in Sobriety

1.  People trying to make money off of Sobriety.  

This is out of control.  It is like everyone who has ever changed for the better has found a way to monetize a lifestyle.  Seriously!  I cannot believe how many emails a day I get from someone trying to sell me something to better my lifestyle.  Network marketing is out of control.  Did you write a book?  Great, I'll probably read it.  Post the link to it in your bio, don't spam me with adverts. I do love things that better myself.  I actively use Beachbody.  I do not sell it.  I like things that are good for me.  I use apps to workout.  But, there are people that are monetizing sobriety when it is absolutely 100% free.  Guess what?  You actually save money with this lifestyle.   What?!?!  Yes.  

2.  I'm not great at any hobbies I try.

In sobriety, I've tried painting, coloring, floral arranging, knitting, sewing, running, blogging....You name it and I tried it for my coping skills toolbox.  I was trying to keep my hands busy in early sobriety.  They were busy.  I have a lot of half finished projects and pinterest fails going on at my house.  Guess what I am good at?  Netflix.  Yep.  

3.  Everyone saying you will lose weight.

There are so many people that advertise sobriety and say, "I dropped 30 lbs."  They are usually trying to sell you a product, but in any case, it is just not the truth.  You get healthier.  You feel better.  Weight loss is not exactly what happens.  It all depends on where you started and what your lifestyle was.  I was a hard drinker of wine.  I drank more than I ate.  My particular scenario was that I gained weight when I quit drinking.  Lots of it.  I ate no more calories sober than when I was a hard drinker.  But, the body metabolizes food differently than alcohol.   And, guess what.  This is ok.  

My morning rant is over.   I drank my coffee while writing this.  It's all good.  I'm just going to live my life and do my thang. 


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