Sober Does NOT Equal Skinny

Have you seen all of the "I lost 30 pounds giving up booze stories?" Yeah. Me, too. They're bullshit. Sorry about the hard truth, but weight loss is not exactly what happens. I love that it happens for some people though. I googled it before I sobered up and saw weight loss success story after success story. Googling it was a big mistake. Huge. Weight loss was going to be the icing on my sobriety cake. I told my boyfriend to watch out for the hot lady coming out of rehab because my days would be full of yoga and not drinking. I was going to be dropping 2,000+ liquid calories a day.  I did the math. 

Fast forward to being sober for over 12 months.  I gained 20 pounds. I still count my calories and stay within the same number of calories a day (2000.)  I eat healthfully.  But, something happens to you when you stop getting your calories from liquid.  Weight starts accumulating on your body.  We apparently digest and store alcohol differently than food calories.  I. DID. NOT. KNOW. THIS. I took it hard. But, I would not change my choice. Sobriety is not a weight loss plan. It is a healthy mind and body plan. That smokin' hot lady I imagined walking out of rehab zombied out of there with a lot of feelings to feed. 

I did not write this blog post to break your heart or kill your dreams of a thinner figure with a sober diet. I wrote this to squash the misconceptions that people seem to have. Sobriety does not equal weight loss. Sobriety equals so much more. It equals EVERYTHING improves. Gradually, but consistently. You might not lose weight. If you were a big drinker like me that substituted wine for dinner...You won't. You'll probably gain a bit. Fill your toolbox with strategies to help you maintain a healthy weight during recovery.  Exercise.  Eat a healthy diet. Watch your sugar. You won't regret it.  You're going to turn into a person you want to be...and that is worth your weight in gold. More gold. More better.


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