Why Did You Stop Drinking? To be better...


How do I make the ineffable choice to change my life completely and stop drinking? This is not a question that is easy. It is actually so ingrained in our culture to drink that by removing alcohol, you are going against what is popular. You are risking being rejected from "the norm." You are drawing attention to yourself and what your belief systems are. Is she prude? Is she super religious? Is she an addict/alcoholic? Is she judging others? Is she pregnant? What is it about her that makes her choose a life that doesn't include alcohol? Why can’t she even have one drink? What is the harm in one drink? What is the matter with her?


This is where people who are trying to quit drinking get stuck. They get stuck in letting others ask the questions. I believe that you should ask these questions to yourself instead of letting others brainstorm and define "what is the matter with you." I get to write my story. I have experiences, but ultimately my story is all my own. If you want to tell people you had issues with alcohol, so be it. But, when someone asks me why I don't drink, I like to talk about the joys that my conscious choice of living without alcohol brings. Health, happiness, sanity...  


I quit drinking to be a better woman. 


I actually consciously make a decision every morning to be a better woman. I don't mean better than the woman next to me, I mean better than the woman I was yesterday. Alcohol prevented me from being that better person. Drinking was making me a worse person day by day. Truth.

Every morning, I tell myself about my wants in life. Why am I choosing to go against the grain of drinking? Do I have to? Nah. No one HAS to do anything. I WANT to. Drinking did not bring me joy, I waited for a decade and a half for the joy. I didn't stop because I got super religious. I didn't stop because I hit a rock bottom. I didn't stop because my friends were stopping...because they sure as heck weren't. I stopped because I am happier and healthier without it. I stopped to be a better me. Plus, I save soooooo much money. Dolla dolla bills, y'all.


I could go on and on about the good things that come with skipping the glass of wine...and I will. Every day I weave my story and it is never full of self-pity or being a victim. It is a story filled with empowerment and positive choices. By removing wine, my life got less dramatic and more exciting. I actually love becoming a better woman. Who'da thunk I could become a good person? Me. That's who thunk it.


Lesson I taught myself today: : Believe in the good inside of you. If you don't believe it, how the hell are the assholes around you going to believe in theirs? I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.