Art in Recovery...2018 Desktop Calendar for a Beginner


I am a maker and makers are gonna make. 

I am trying to get in touch with the artistic passion I lost when I set down my last glass of wine.  At the beginning of my sober life I was sleeping, crying, and occasionally running to the loo. I could not even imagine holding a paintbrush/nail gun/glue gun/piece of thread without a glass of wine in hand. But, I am doing it. And, surprisingly, I am still as slap-happy and as clumsy as I was after a bottle of Bordeaux.

I started my creative outlet with these three projects. Now I am trying my hand at simple DIY watercolor painting. I am a complete amateur at all things creative. But, that is what I love about it. If I am not going to be a savant at one thing, I am definitely aiming to be a participant in all things art. With creativity, you can feel successful even in the absence of perfection. Plus, keeping your hands busy with art cuts down on anxiety and keeps your idle hands from reaching for a glass of wine. 

My sober project today was a small desktop calendar for my workspace. 

Step one:

Print a calendar onto watercolor paper. I bought this paper from Amazon. (affiliate links below.)


Step two:

Cut the calendars uniformly so they sit comfortably in the easel on your desk. I prefer 4 in by 4 in.

My friend's being my hand model. She says her hands are her "worst" feature. She's crazy.  

My friend's being my hand model. She says her hands are her "worst" feature. She's crazy.  

Step three:

Watercolor away. I kept each individual calendar a uniform color, but of course you can make yours how you want. Splatter paint? Rainbow? Swirls? Or if you like mine, I did straight lines angled across the paper from the bottom left corner to the top right. I made each line about 1 inch difference in length. 



I created a calendar PDF I like for 2018. It is not perfect, but neither am I. I like my art to look a little DIY so people know I didn't buy it and ask questions. This allows me to talk, and this girl looooves to talk. You are welcome to download it for free because I love you! Enjoy. Or check etsy printables where there are some reasonably priced downloads.



Printable Calendar


My friend's calendar turned out nice!