I am so Busy. I am so Important. Three Ways I've Simplified my Life.

I am so busy. I am so important. You know the thing that all the ladies are doing right now-the glamourization of busy?  Well, I am a complete believer that your importance and balance gets completely lost in busy-ness. There is no glamour in being busy. I am in the process of simplification to put more balance in my life because lately I've been sucked into metering out my moments. 


Three ways I've simplified my life. 

1. I reduced my wardrobe and shoe collection.

I've always dressed quite simply wearing mostly neutrals. I worked in a job that required me to wear all black, so I just kind of stuck with it in 2012. Black generally goes with everything, so it makes getting dressed easy. I used to have a drunk shopping problem, 6 closets full of clothes, and a credit card balance to match. I took two trash-bags full of clothes out of my drawers. Yep. Gone. It feels like a relief and cuts my getting dressed debate in half. I no long have to do three clothes changes nor receive five "you look greats" from the man. He's overjoyed to skip that dance. I used to be a Sex in the City sort of lady buying the heels to match my martinis. Whelp. I rarely wear heels anymore. So, I got rid of them aside from my black and nude. My activity level increased when I stopped drinking, so I need shoes for the journey-comfortable ones. I am down to my Birks and trainers mostly on the usual day. 

2. I started ordering my veggies via delivery by imperfectproduce.com.

SAVE $10 

SAVE $10 

This saves so much time and money. I get the veggies that are ugly or surplus so they aren't going to waste and the farmers are getting some money for more of their crop. I don't care what my tomatoes look like. They're going in my belly not on a photo shoot. It actually saves a ton of money because I am not walking through the aisles with my stomach growling grabbing all of the cupcakes after a long day at work. I make a big batch of stew or soup at the beginning of the week for those nights I just don't want to cook. I use my instant pot many nights because it is faster than pizza delivery, cheaper, and a hell of a lot healthier. 

3. I went back to my roots.

I walked into my hair stylist and said, "I don't want to have to come in here so often nor give you so much of my money." She ethically responded, "Alrighty. We'll have to darken your hair to match your roots." So we did. I experienced sincere shock because I didn't recognize myself. In my mind, I was a bright red head like Amy Adams or a platinum blonde like Khaleesi. I am just a sandy blonde with the occasional grey. Playing and altering your appearance is awesome and I highly recommend it as long as you are not trying to fix your self-esteem. I'm saving $800 a year and countless hours right now by going au naturel. That is the self-love I need at the moment. 


You know what sobriety has offered me? A reflection on what is important in life. It isn't the reflection in the mirror. It isn't making money. It isn't having conversations with strangers in bars. It isn't coming home home to dog pee on your floor because you pulled a long day and are making a lot of money. It isn't walking on sunshine 24/7. It is making time for your own self-care and nurturing the relationships around you. It is waking up and knowing you run your day and your day doesn't run you. It is what it is. And, it is getting better every dang day.