Free Recovery Activities. Pay in Thank Yous.


I have a Thanksgiving hangover....and not the sort I used to have. I just cannot stop thinking about how grateful I am. So, as with all things, I am totally overthinking how and when I say thank you.

1. The thanks for your help.

This is the thanks I give when someone does something to help me along my path. The 'thank you' that says, you are helping me write my story. You gave me what I needed. You read my mind. I take what I need and give thanks back in return. Thanks for helping ME!!! Maybe it is a selfish thank you but, focusing on myself is totally warranted in recovery. Self care is not selfish. This is a valid thank you, no doubt.

2. The thanks for your effort.

This is not a 'you said what I feel' shout out. This is different. This thank you spreads like wildfire. It is a 'thank you' for caring enough to help others without payment in return. It is a thank you for your effort. Thank you for showing up and being you. Thanks for not making your help a monetary transaction between two people. This thank you has to do with connection and how recovery flows from one person to the next. It's appreciation. It's caring. It is what addiction recovery should be instead of what it is currently is-handing money to other people (who are making money) for advice. I truly believe this. I feel the recovery connection and flow everyday. I cringe at people making money off of people in need. I say thank you to people who are there for others in a community without getting paid. 

All I have to say is thank you for helping me in my own completely selfish but totally warranted and needed self-care way. And, thank you for your connection. Let's take the pricetag off and make addiction recovery priceless. Because it is.

Free Activities in Recovery (Part One)

I use free yoga daily in recovery. I cannot afford boutique style yoga every day, even though I loooooove it. So, the free route, I go. It improves my mindset...not to mention my bod. Don’t let the cost of yoga dissuade you from trying it in recovery. You can yoga every damn day for free. 


If you have Amazon Prime, Julia Jarvis is my absolute favorite 30-40 minute free yoga class. I do one every day in my living room. My favorite is her Chakra series, specifically her throat chakra episode which eases my anxiety. If you do not have Amazon Prime, Youtube has free yoga instruction, also. 


Yoga yourself out of how f-ed up you are...minus the price tag.






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