A New Type of Divisiveness in Recovery

I've encountered a new type of divisiveness in recovery.  There are people out there that are saying that their sobriety is a higher road...."it's not like they had to become sober because of addiction.  It is a choice, not a result of an addiction."  Guess what?  That is a new level of stigma that you are creating.  Everyone who has an addiction that spins out of control has these exact moments.   If you decide after a period of drinking that alcohol is not good for your life, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ALCOHOL.  There is no higher road.  It is the same road, just a different stop light.  People who try and elevate their sobriety above the sober person next to them are the Donald Trumps of the world, per se.  They think they're different, better.  But, sobriety is the same across the board.  Undoubtedly.  No better.  No worse.  

So, this is where people crack me up.  It is not a competition.  The only person you are in competition with is yourself.  You'll win sometimes and you'll lose sometimes.  At rehab, we compared our drugs of choice.  I very specifically like heavy French red wine.  AKA expensive wine.  I am so particular that I do not even like the same grapes from California as France.  Too acidic.  I am not tempted in the least by shitty wine.  It is gross.  A lot of girls would tell me that I was there on vacation and was not addicted if I would not touch two buck chuck.*  Sure, guys.  Let's make a competition out of who's the worst addict of us all.  I hope I don't win that honor.  


So, my point as I have so eloquently danced around, we're all the same.  It doesn't matter if you are sober because you woke up with the answers to the universe and are enlightened that alcohol is not good for you, if you woke up in your ex's house after a midday nap after consuming two bottles of sparkling wine after a flight in from Europe like me, or if you woke up under a bridge giving a blow job for your next hit of heroin.  Eat that pizza, sober up buttercup, and get on with your day.  Quit elevating yourself to higher than thou status, because that is not the point.  You don't drink anymore for ____ reason.  Here's your trophy.  It looks just like mine.     



*Two Buck Chuck is from Trader Joes.  It is gross.  It is 2 dollars and I would most assuredly vomit it up before I got enough alcohol in me to satisfy.  FYI.

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