Can I Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer?

I am always quite vocal about how I believe that each person's recovery is unique.  I believe that recovering from over-drinking (whatever your definition of over-drinking might be) is genuinely an exercise in understanding yourself and your feelings about alcohol.  We all stop drinking for our own reasons; why wouldn't remaining alcohol-free be for our own reasons, too?

That being said, I am learning to understand what I can and cannot handle in this alcohol-centric world in which we live.  I never intend to drink beer and wine, but I do not intend to fully remove myself from all socialization around alcohol.  As an exercise in my tolerance, I decided to try non-alcoholic beer on a warm sunny day.  

My results: I still have a tendency to want more more more.  I drank one beer.  I was ok with just one around company.  But, I did finish it.  I didn't have to finish it.  I did because I have never left a beer unfinished.  I've left soda and water unfinished more times than not.  It is not without its "beer" identity in that way.  That was strike one, me having to finish it.  Then, as the remaining 6-pack sat in my refrigerator and I tried to "not drink it,"  I could not.  My mind kept returning to the beer.  All day.  I wanted it more than the soda.  Strike two.   Strike three was easy, it is pointless calories.  The point used to be alcohol.  There is not a point for me to drink it anymore.  I would rather use that 300 calories for Kit-Kats, y'all. 

I will not be drinking non-alcoholic beer.  I didn't even need all three strikes, just one strike would have eliminated it from my diet.  That is recovery, folks, recognizing your limitations.  I saw myself obsessing about having another and another.  If I cannot have just one...I choose none.