Authentic Recovery Starts with Your Authentic Self

I was just like any other person that grew up in a family of educated, middle class people.  I do not consider myself privileged, but I know that I am.  I was intelligent because of the family in which I was raised and the attention that my parents gave me.  I never had a second thought about whether or not I would graduate with honors or attend college.  I just would.  It wasn't an expectation; it was reality.  It would happen.  I would achieve.  I would have an education and a career.  

I did not skip a beat between high school and college. Straight into a scholarship, graduated in 3 years and was a high school math teacher at the tender age of 21. Opportunity and achievement was mainstream for my family. I am thankful and lucky for this. I liked being a math teacher. It gave me value and a paycheck. But, I did not have a true unshakeable desire for it. I had never taken a moment of introspection to figure out what made my heart beat. I never thought, "I am doing it. I am living my dream!"  


So, like all idealistic 20 somethings, I started looking for my passion.  I found it in the form of traveling and people-not a secular portion of people. I found my passion in the form of all people. The kindness of humanity. The beautiful dissonance in different cultures.  The excitement that eating a different spice or drinking a local glass of wine.  The joy in eating a different type of donut.  I love donuts.  Fried bread and sugar. Delightful. Donuts exist in different forms all over the world, and I love all of them. Churros and Beignets are my favorite. As fate would turn out, 43 countries later, I gave up wine, which makes my world a little less full of flavor, but a lot more full of sanity. It is a good compromise. You'll have to pry donuts out of my cold dead hand, though. (I used to say this about wine.)


Bottom line: I gave up what was expected of me and I found myself as a flight attendant.  My eyes opened; my heart became bigger.  I developed a deep love for my life. In recovery, this has been my biggest rock. Having a clear understanding of your wants makes everything easier. I do not wake up with regret. I wake up looking forward to my life. If you find your passion, you find your path. It makes all mountains easier to climb. Authentic recovery starts with your authentic self.  


11 MonthsAPRIL