Life's a Beach. 8 Ways to Stay Sober on the Beach.

You cannot live in a sobriety bubble.  You have to get out there and enjoy life.  Just because you spent the last 20 years drinking your beach vacay away does not mean you cannot relearn how to go to the beach sober.  You learned how to sit on your sofa without a glass of wine, didn't you?  But, as with all new sober activities, I called on my sober network to help me through.  The beach recommendations were outstanding.  Here's a list of what my sober tribe gave me that put me on the road to sober success in the sand.

1.  Sparkling water is a must on the beach.  

Fancy it up.  Dump a bunch of fruit into your Yeti cup.  (@lbkdesigns_ldesigns)


2.  Bring a book.  

You cannot just stare at people in their swimsuits all day.  Read up.  No one ever wakes up the next day thinking, "man, I shouldn't have read so much yesterday." 


3.  Bring your sunglasses.

It helps you watch the drunk people around you.  It helps hide fear, pain, judgment, crying, get it.  You look creepy watching the newlyweds get drunk and makeout or fight.  Yeah, there was a lot of newlywed drunk-fighting at the pool.  I saw it all.  And, sober me was not getting involved like drunk me would have.   See the picture above of the book.  There is a newlywed couple behind the book that was fighting...he didn't take good enough pictures because he was too drunk.  She made him take about 400 before storming off into the hotel.  He started dancing in the waterfall in his t-shirt.  

4.  Mocktails.  'Nuff said.

Try cranberry and 7-up with lime or ginger ale with a lime. (@jessbacon02)  Try drinking Kombucha if you were a wine drinker.  (@lbkdesigns_ldesigns) If the taste of Kombucha is too strong, mix it half and half with sparkling water.  (@ker_ij)  I tried the half and half idea. It is delicious!  I used to mix Kombucha with sparkling wine, and the sparkling water was just about as pleasing to me.  No joke.  It is my go-to drink now beach or no beach. 

5.  Connect with the environment.

Listen to the waves, the sounds of the wind, other people and activities on the beach.  Connect your body with the environment.  Feel the sun, sand, ocean on your body.  (@berks_mom)  Hydrate your body and soul with the surroundings. (@veggiemuncher_)


6.  Be active.

Try yoga in the sand.  It will keep you busy and focused. (@sedececco)  Being active helps me, says @bri922_, paddle boarding, jet skiing, sunrise yoga, all that fun stuff.  I did sunrise yoga in Puerto Rico.  It was awesome.  I saw all of the surfers come out for some morning waves.  

7.  Freeze some fruit for a cool snack.

Cut up some watermelon and freeze it as a treat. (@paula_ackermannn76)  I didn't do the watermelon because I couldn't find it.  But, I did do some grapes.  Perfect idea!

8.  Remember the last drunk beach story...

When all else fails, remember your last disastrous beach drunk [story] and realize why sober is always better.  (khagan9368)  I remember mine.  It involved me standing up to make an amazing political point, I lifted my arm and pointed to the sky, then passed out onto a table full of guacamole.  My bikini top fell off.  My boob was covered in guacamole.  And, my ex's work colleague asked him if he should help get the guacamole off of my boob.  Then, I woke up in my hotel room-with a cheeseburger.