Belgium Brave

Belgium. Beer. Chocolate. Lace. Waffles. Indulgence. Love it. 


Let's start with beer. I didn't need it. I went out to cocktails with a few friends and I did order a Jupiler NA.  I ordered it in front of 3 people and they of course started asking questions. One of the statements made to me was, "I am glad you are doing your thing." This would've been a great thing to say...but it was followed by, "I mean, it is not like you are working the program or anything, are you?"   The waiter pointed out the alcohol content of my beer, also. He actually said, "Your zero point zero zero zero percent beer, my dear" as he was pouring my glass. I giggled because that's what you do in uncomfortable situations when you are embarrassed.


Chocolate. I did need it. After quitting drinking, I crave sugar. I rarely ate sugar when I was having multiple glasses of wine a night. But, now, I want sugar nonstop. I allow myself a sugar splurge once a week. And, this week my splurge was in the form of Belgian waffles covered in chocolate at the Churro and Waffle. I will return to this place, no doubt.  


The lace.  It is beautiful. I love Belgian style. They are mixing chunky accessories with a lighter lace shirt or skirt and it is a stunning unique look. Leather and lace.  The perfect combo for a lady with a hard and soft side like me.

All in all, I was Belgium Brave. What did I learn from my sober traveling? I can take things in stride. I can stop feeling sorry for myself. I can take a joke. I can take a compliment. I can take a walk on my own. I can take a big bus tour via viator all by myself. I can travel sober. I can. Not all strength is loud. 

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