T-Shirt Marketing and Alcohol

Sober tees and alcohol inspired tees have reached an all time high in the world of fashion.  I know I am guilty of wearing both.  But, I've stopped wearing both and this is my reason why...

"Champagne in the membrane," "Champagne campaign," "I tried running, but I kept spilling my wine"...  You've seen them.  They're everywhere.  I wore them.  I made them.  I was a woman advertising wine nonstop on my tee-usually with wine in hand.  I did not think about how it was marketing to an alcoholic generation.  Now, my eyes are open.  I see a lot of 20 somethings and 30 somethings slipping into the same addiction as I did, unknowingly.  I threw out my tees.  Some of these tees were 100+ dollars from WildFox.  I do not feel that we should be advertising alcohol as young and hip or as mommy-juice anymore.  We would not be walking around with witty statements about heroin on our tees.  Why is it so acceptable to do so with alcohol? 

Now to sober tees...the marketing of sober tees has become insanely annoying.  There are people emailing and tagging me daily trying to sell me one.  I am a shopper.  I will find you if I want to buy one.  You've learned how to make money off of sobriety.  Well done.  But, stop filling up my inbox with sales pitches.  Sobriety is free.  I am not in the game of being an advertisement anymore.  I'm just me.  I try and advertise healthy decisions with actions now.  I try and influence, not market for someone's monetary gain.

I read a book the other day that said, "you cannot write integrity on a wall and teach people how to do it."  And, that's how I feel about tees.  Stop writing your intentions on fabric and starting showing your intentions with actions.  I can put butter on my butt, but that doesn't make me a biscuit.    

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