Compassion, Not Coercion. 7 Ways to Help a Loved One Recover

I have people ask me all the time to "talk to someone." It is usually someone who is in a relationship or close to someone who battles with over-drinking alcohol. It is someone usually trying to save someone they love. They think I can help. They think I have the answers. I don't. No one does. I am more than willing to talk to anyone. I could talk all day, no doubt. But, it is not what people mean when they say "talk to him."

They mean, "save him." And, this is not possible. The hardest thing about alcoholism and addiction is recognizing that no one can save anyone else. No one can be the person that carries the person drowning to shore. The person has to learn to swim. It is not easy, but the process of recovery does not start with being recovered. It is not jumping from A to Z. It is relearning all of the letters. 

A sponsor or a counselor can walk your through it. They can listen. They cannot do the work for another person. The bottom line is, when a person wants to recover, they will. It happens when you find the will and the want. Sadly, you cannot create the will or want for someone. 

What Can You Do?

1. Listen.

2. Have hope and be patient. 

3. Attend counseling sessions.

4. Stop enabling.

5. Be clear with your expectations.

6. Protect yourself and your family.

7. Stop drinking around this person.