Sleep Deprivation and Addiction

I am inspired to write today because I got on facebook and read about my friends who travels internationally for work struggling to sleep. One person posted, "I've taken enough sleep meds to knock a sumo wrestler out and I still cannot sleep." As you all know because I blog about my battles with a good nights' rest all of the damn time, sleep is important. One blog, two blogs, etc. If you aren't getting it, you crave it more than anything on earth. You will do or take anything to sleep. 

...Hence my 10 year battle with drinking to sleep and dances with prescription pills. I, of course, do not want to accuse anyone of addiction. You know, the stigma is so dang horrible...sad trombone. So, all I simply said, was, "If you'd like to talk, call me. I battled not sleeping and taking everything the doctor would give me for at least a decade. It wasn't until I stopped taking EVERYTHING that I found something that works." And, I truly meant it.

I have become an advocate for sleep. Not an advocate for recovery and addiction. And, you know what? It is the same dang thing. In my recovery, I gained sleep. I gained life. I gained everything that pills and alcohol would not give me. Who wouldn't want to swallow that pill whole and drink it down with some sparkling water? 

10th MonthAPRIL