Comparison is the Thief of Joy

We are the most insecure people we know. Yes, I say we, because it is everyone I know. No one is happy in their own skin and minds. Why? 

I have generally boiled this down to the inequality in the world. Greed. Wants. They are all material. They are all visceral. They are all represented in a world of marketing and manipulation. The bottom line is-we do not need a lot. We do not need to look like we are 20 years old well into our 40s by poking needles in our skin. We see the Kardashians and the people with expendable cash doing this. We sit next to these people in restaurants. We compare ourselves. We look at their handbags, their diamonds, their smiling faces and we equate all of that is happiness. It is not. 

What is happiness? That is the question we need to answer. It is not living like the people who have expendable money for cars, enormous diamonds, expensive vacations...etc. It is not looking like someone else who can afford to buy youth. It is all about finding your center in an every changing world. The key to being happy is allowing change-not just change for the better. We need to learn to live in the change. The ups and downs. The rollercoaster of change that is life.

I am actively trying to be happy with less. I am waking up each day and thinking about what I need to be happy during the day. I've found that I am happiest when I see other people genuinely happy. When people set a goal for growth and succeed. When someone is a musician and writes a song they enjoy. When a painter finishes a painting and loves it. When, a child gets to go outside and play. My niece is a very picky eater. She used to dance when she ate mac and cheese. She wouldn't be able to contain her happiness and would physically move in her seat while she ate. That is happiness.  It doesn't cost a thing.

What do I need to be happy Today?

1. I need to help people, so I will.

2. I need a clean house, so I will.

3. I need to go outside and walk my dog, so I will.

These things do not cost money or mirrors, y'all. Keep it simple. 

10th MonthAPRIL