20 Ways to Combat Anxiety


I drank to reduce anxiety and it only caused more anxiety. I tried Xanax...We won't get into that ball of flames. Now I am learning to combat my anxiety without the narcotics. How? Here are my squash anxiety tricks.

  1. Cry it out. I do. A lot. I feel a million times better after a good cry. If you cannot cry, watch Titanic. 
  2. Pet your dog. Therapy animals help. 
  3. Journal journal journal. Get it out of your head and onto paper. 
  4. Listen to music. 
  5. Meditate. Do yoga. Controlled breathing really helps with my anxiety. 
  6. Exercise. It releases endorphines. "Happy people don't kill their husbands." Elle Woods.
  7. Try Magnesium Citrate. I take it orally. It also is helping me sleep.
  8. Eat a banana. I put them in my protein smoothies. Magnesium galore.
  9. Use the anxiety you feel to lead you. Anxiety is a way of showing you how you feel about certain things. 
  10. Talk it out...in a meeting, with a friend, with your counselor. 
  11. Eat a healthy diet. 
  12. Get sleep. When I am on weird time changes, my anxiety goes out of control. Make sure you keep a consistent sleep schedule if you can. It helps. 
  13. Let go. Let God. Let Love. Understand that there are things you cannot control in life like terrorism and death. Don't let it pull you under. Release it to your higher power. My mom used to always say, "This too shall pass." 
  14. Read inspirational quotes on instagram or pinterest. Find people that are like you. They're out there. It helps me keep my feelings in check. 
  15. Get some sunlight. It is an instant mood improver. Take a walk-not a pill.
  16. Don't overdrink coffee. 
  17. Be organized. Get a planner. Keep structure like making your bed. Don't let things overwhelm you.
  18. Say no to people. You cannot do it all. Do not overextend yourself. 
  19. Read about anxiety. I learn the most when I can relate to others. Read a book. Read a blog. 
  20. Do not live too far in the future. One day at a time. 

Anxiety gets to us. It took me down. It is hard to feel your feelings. But, that's life. Roll up your sleeves, let's get to feeling.