Important Lessons you Learn When You Get Sober-Stress Management

What did my brain just recommend when I had a feeling I didn't like? A glass of wine. Feeling I don't like numero uno is stress. We all have our different stressors, but somehow through tv/friends/ads/movies dealing with stress always started with drinking a glass of wine. 

At least once a day, I hear someone say, "You've had a hard day, put your feet up and pour yourself a glass of wine." I said it. I recommended that all of the time and said, "you deserve it." I said it to myself every day. Out loud. And, let's be honest, my days are rarely THAT hard. 

Breaking this habit is difficult. At one year sober, my brain still recommends a glass of wine for stress. Today, for instance, I was transferred on a phone call 6 times to figure out a medical billing issue. Six transfers to six different people resulted in me accepting the answer that I will receive a call back in 5-7 days. That is a non-answer. It is frustrating. It is stressful. It is life.

Guess what my brain just said to me to settle my nerves? "A glass of wine would help." I haven't a had a glass of wine in over a year. Yet, that is what I lean toward. So, guess what I am going to do. I am going to sit here and cry in this parking garage until someone reports me to the police for insanity. Scratch that. I am going to write a blog about it. No matter how many knots I feel for things I cannot control, I have control over my reaction to stressors. I am going to evil laugh at the silly "drink the stress away" idea that my brain just threw out there. And, I am going to use my coping skills toolbox for stress relief.  

1. Exercise. I am going for a run, maybe while ugly crying. 

2. I am going to watch the raunchiest comedian I know and I am going to laugh at the most inappropriate jokes out there. 


My toolbox is full of the f-word. 


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