Addiction is Not Cancer

I cried last night. Again. For the one-millionth time. Why? Because of cancer. Cancer hurts, you guys. I heard someone compare their addiction to cancer and I cried. I am not sure if these people comparing cancer to addiction have ever witnessed death from cancer. There are a million different types of cancer. But, cancer kills you. There is no hope with a lot of cancers.

Now, this blog post is coming out of the mouth of someone who could not stop drinking without medical intervention. I physically could not stop on my own. I had to seek help to detox and wean off of alcohol and Xanax with Valium. I was a pickle of myself. I was killing myself. My addiction was killing me.  

But, with an addiction, you can seek help.  You can fix the "addiction will end in death" problem. Now, let's talk about cancer. You go to the doctor; you have a brain tumor. They say, "There is no cure." They don't say, "if you do this you have a chance of survival..." They say, "you will die from this and there is nothing you can do."  Then, you do treatment after treatment of painful surgeries to prolong your life...not to cure you. Prolonging your life could mean 6 months or a few years. But, that's all you get. Then, you die. This happened to my best friend. She died. It wasn't a choice for her to do anything. She died. 

I had a choice in whether or not addiction would kill me. There was hope for me. There wasn't hope for her. Now, the next person who has struggled with addiction I hear compare their addiction to cancer just needs to swap them out and give it a go on the other side. Then, you'll have your comparison. 

I agree that treatment should be available for addiction. I agree that it should not be stigmatized into what it is. But, remember, there is treatment and I am hard evidence that it works. I do not care if someone judges me for how much I drank. I do not care if someone thinks less of me. What someone thinks about your problem has nothing to do with you. Someone is always going to try and put you down somehow. Yeah. The world is filled with assholes. And, someone that says their addiction is just like cancer might just be one of those assholes.

There's no hope with some cancers. There is hope with addiction. Big difference. Huge.  

11 MonthsAPRIL