Do I Belong? Am I in Recovery?

There is such a bond that comes in recovery. When you walk into a room of people recovering from eating disorders, addiction, self harm, you know every one of them from the inside out. You know their sadness, their hopelessness, their strength, their weakness, you know them. But, it is not the knowing them that makes comradeship. Comradeship comes when we can admit our flaws and recover.

I had a friend tell me she wishes she was an alcoholic so she could have the comradeship that I have from other addicts. She longed for the sadness that brings recovering addicts together. What?!?! God, no. Do not long for that. The comradeship does not come from the depths, the rock bottoms. It does not come from comparing vomit stories. It does not come from comparing how many times you were in jail or in rehab. You can be a part of the community of recovery without having behavior that makes you cringe and feel shame. Comradeship comes from the recovery. The rise. The lifting of each other. 

 You want to be a sober warrior? Love Warrior? Recovery Warrior? Then we are the same. Become the rise. That is where the "me, too" comes the recovery not the rocks at the bottom.