5 Ways to Manage Stress in Sobriety

Alright. Alright. Here it is. At some point we all have to stop throwing the F-word out there thinking that is enough to manage our stress. The F-word helps, don't F-ing underestimate its power. But, here are 5 other things that help. 

Be you. Do you. Show you. Grow you. 

1.  Be you. Stop comparing your life to others. 

Your bank account, your health, your professional life, your relationship, your appearance, etc. Be you. How do you stop the jealousy? You wake up every morning and make a gratitude list. It is very difficult to be sad about what you don't have when you're thinking about what you do have. You have more than you think. People who brag about their 6 figure incomes are the worst. People that say their relationships are perfect are lying. And, people who look insanely beautiful with the healthiest bods might be hungry as hell. Be you. 

2. Do you. Stop trying to control other people.

Controlling something uncontrollable will eat you alive with stress. Look at what is causing your stress and ask yourself, "can I change the outcome?" If you cannot change the outcome, let it go. Examples: what other people do, what other people say, how other people act, etc. No one made you the dictator. Accept it. I know it is hard. Do you. 

3. Show you. Talk about your feelings. 

We need to talk. As people. Also, you and I need to talk because I'm sure you're cool as hell. But, as humans we need to talk to get it all out. Otherwise, we turn into walking human feeling bombs that will inevitably explode. Talking to your husband/wife/partner/girlfriend/dog/therapist/instagram takes the feelings from inside you to the outside. You're not giving them away for someone to fix. You're just speaking your truth. Show you. 

4. Grow you. Look for the lesson.

Consciously look for the lesson in every stressful moment. Life can be one hell of a teacher. You know when teachers used corporal punishment? Yeah, life is that teacher. You will learn, even if it hurts. You might as well avoid the beat down and start looking for the lesson. Grow you.   

Do we have problems? Everyone raise your hand and say "yes" altogether now. I currently have 99 problems, but drinking ain't one. Actually, according to number four, I have 99 learning experiences. And, the best lesson I've learned is I need to love me and...

5. Love you. 

And, I do.