Sober Comedians You Should Know

I never appreciated standup before I got sober. I mean I went, I drank, I laughed...but, I never really got the multi level laughs, the "we laugh to keep from crying because it sucks that bad" joke. There are always drunk jokes from comedians, sober or not sober. But, sober comedians take it to a whole other level.


Sober comedians make declarations. They blatantly say things that are true and make you cringe. Let's be honest, sober comedians know the depths of bad, and they still somehow make the horror look less horrible.  They point fingers. But, generally they just point fingers at themselves. Self-deprecating is the best funny. 99% of comedians make jokes about drunk behavior. But, sober comedians point out the obvious "WTF was I thinking drinking at all" about drunken behavior. Yeah. We do stupid things. Yeah. We do asshole things. Yeah. That is life. No one is perfect.


I especially love sober comedians when they point out having the same bad behavior while sober. Life, y'all. It is not perfect. You can either let it take you down or learn coping skills to survive. Laughter has become a coping skill for me. Laughter is healing. Laughter is my new drug of choice.  

Sober comedian I love number 1 is John Mulaney. He stopped drinking early in life. The way he tells his story is hilarious. It is sad funny. Some of it makes you cringe a bit. But, he is standing in front of thousands as a better version of himself, and that shows people CAN heal. He made a choice not to be that drunk guy anymore. It is strong to share your path. 



Sober comedian number 2 is Marc Maron. I just started listening to WTF podcast. I just started listening to podcasts, actually. I was too busy drinking before to know podcasts existed. He often talks about addiction because he was an addict. He is blatant. He makes you cringe. But, blatancy makes me laugh. He's interviewed everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Obama in his garage. 



Maybe you don't laugh when you fall down. Maybe you cry and make seriously profound statements about how your fall symbolizes something really deep. I cry then laugh. I love life. Isn't life funny?