3 Creative Projects to Help Keep You Sober

I had a hell of a time trying to figure out how to keep me from dwelling on my issues in the beginning of my sober life.  When I first stopped drinking, I could not figure out what to do with my hands. I was constantly conscious of my hands' existence. What are you up to lefty? Righty needs a glass of wine? Yeah, righty was always the troublemaker. I needed something to reduce the preoccupation with my hands...and the stress and anxiety. Wine and smoking were not on the docket anymore.

3 Creative Projects to Help Keep You Sober


I just started painting. I had zero uuummph and talent. But, it helped. I hang them in my house to remind me of the struggle at first. Even though they aren't professional, they are perfect. You can print a coupon off of Hobby Lobby website or the Michael's website and get a super discounted canvas. Or use the discount on paint. I used acrylic and used modeling paste to give it more of a texture under the acrylic. 


Arm Knitting

I started arm knitting. It was almost immediate gratification, unlike real knitting which seems like it goes nowhere at a turtle pace. With arm knitting and chunky yarn, you can produce a scarf in 15 minutes. I was a chunky blanket maker extraordinaire. I am still working on a large blanket for my bed. It is incredibly luxurious and perfect for snuggling. 


The biggest resource I've found to keep my hands from being idle and inspire my creativity is Instagram. Some people use it as a snapshot of their life. I do, too. But, it also combines inspirational quotes into art. Making inspirational graphic design is awesomely creative. Taking photographs is awesomely creative. It really helps with all aspects of recovery. The only warning I have is DON'T fall into comparing yourself on instagram. That'll suck the life right out of you. 


I could go on and on about how important the creative process is in recovery. It gives you sense of accomplishment, it is actively stress reducing, it gets your mind off of all of the insanity.... Start out small. And, remember one thing-It does not have to be perfect. At first you're just trying to stop Idle hands from being the devil's playground. Yesterday my 5 year old niece crafted sparkling gooey glitter balls and asked everyone if they wanted to feel them. Maybe you'd like to ask people to feel your shiny balls, too? Whatever works. 

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