Monkey See Monkey Do: Being a Non-Conformist Keeps You Sober.

Monkey see monkey do, they sayNothing draws a crowd like a crowd, they say. When in Rome, they say. Actually, I said that today as I sucked down some pasta in Rome. Conformity: it is what's for dinner. No one wants to admit what a big role conformity plays in our day to day activities. No one wants to be a lemming. Is conforming bad? Nah. I assimilate all of the time in foreign countries. It helps respect culture. From our insides to our outsides, we conform. Everyone does.


I put together my outfit today because I saw it on a mannequin. A merchandiser at Nordstroms influenced my "unique style." I love my Converse, but I didn't design them and I certainly was not the first to wear them. I was socially influenced. When someone in Texas asks me what coke I want, I say "Diet Dr. Pepper." When, someone on the east coast asks me what soda I would like, I say "Diet Dr. Pepper." In the midwest, the pop I order is "Diet Dr. Pepper." See. Conformity. When in Rome, we speak like the Romans. 

I started my wine drinking habits as a conformist, too. I went to meet my co-workers after work for happy you do. On dates, I drank you do. To celebrate special occasions, I drank you do. Ultimately, every reason I drank wine at first was....because you do. But, at some point I started drinking my own way. My drinking habits became extremely non-conformist. I drank exactly how and when I wanted. On my own, in the morning, to take the edge off when I walked the dogs, in my hotel room bed, naked with a cheeseburger...Yeah. "As you do" turned into "as I do."  And, I liked to do it naked in bed with a cheeseburger. 

This non-conformist way of over-drinking is actually what is going to keep me sober. It showed me that in my consumption of beverages, I can do my own thing. I did not drink like everyone else back in my drunk days. Why would I need to drink like other people now? My days of drinking "as you do" were long gone well before I got sober. As I write this, I am surrounded by wine drinkers at La Buvette in Rome. I am having a peppermint tea and sparkling water. That is what I do now.

And, although I am non-conformist in my drinking ways...I am about to ask where the toilette is instead of the powder room, as you do.

...because WHEN IN ROME.


The Spanish Steps

I just climbed the Spanish Steps for the first time.  Last time I was here, I was too much of a drinker and smoker to bother. Sobriety FTW. 



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