How to Avoid Rehashing Drunk Stories...My Doppelgänger, Tiffany

You know how your friend group drops off a bit when you take the giant leap into sobriety? Yeah. It is not that your drinking friends are not great. It is more of a "cannot watch it or be around it" sort of thing. Your usual day-to-day drinking friends get the memo pretty quickly and don't try and talk about "the old days." But, what happens when you run into an old drinking friend from 10 years ago? You get caught off guard. Not only has your lifestyle changed, but you've had a lot of tequila since going out with this person so you are struggling to even remember who the hell she is. That night of drunken debauchery you had together was one of thousands of nights before you flipped the off switch on over-drinking. I ran into her yesterday. 

What did I tell her? It wasn't me you drank with...I have a doppelgänger. Yup. I used that excuse to avoid talking about my old behavior. I 100% dissassociated with myself. She spoke of a girl that smoked and drank all night. Who dat? A decade ago, we went to Amsterdam together for work. We started drinking in the morning with a group of people. After 12 hours, the group whittled down into the hard drinkers. Inevitably that always happened. We were the last ones left standing. What does debauchery look like in Amsterdam to three people already hella-drunk? It looks like finding the most "different from America" experience that we can find. We found a sex show. A girl blew up a balloon with her hoo-ha. I remember it semi-clearly. I still wonder how that worked. I had not seen her in ten years until this conversation yesterday. 

Our conversation went... 

"Hey!!!! I remember you, do you remember me?" 

"I don't. I'm sorry." Not a lie.

"We had that wild night in Amsterdam." 

"Nope. Sorry." Not a lie.

"I was just going through a'd just moved to the US from Europe." 

Hmmm. Yep. That sounds like me.

She kept trying to jog my memory,"We drank so much."

Probably me.

"We saw that sex show."

Yup. That was me.

My response, "Not me. I've heard about that girl though....she's my doppelgänger." 

Then, I added in..."HER NAME IS TIFFANY."



I don't know any Tiffanys.  

12th Month, TravelAPRIL