2 Ways to Give Your Wine Glasses or Decanter A New Purpose

I am going to totally basic b#tch myself with this post, but I loved the aesthetic of drinking. I liked making it "pretty." The look of the place settings on the table with the multiple bottles of wine. The elegant ice buckets. The porcelain throne...My drinking turned very ugly after a bottle or two, but the idea of pretty, I love. I like to indulge my inner Martha Stewart. Vanity is probably the ONLY reason you never found me under a bridge or in prison for trying all of the drugs. But, I suppose the prison thing would be a bit Martha Stewarty, too. 

In my first year of being alcohol free, I hid all of my wine paraphernalia. That is not the entire truth. I didn't purposely hide it. I had a huge breakdown and put most of my stuff into storage and didn't look at it for a year because I was terrified. I had a lot of feelings to feel in that storage unit of a broken home. But, I finally gained the strength and courage to clean. I cried, of course. As I do.  

I had no problem tossing the wine keys and corkscrews. I enjoyed tossing most things, actually. It felt freeing to just Let. It. All. Go. Yet-some of it was too pretty to toss. I shopped long and hard to find that crystal! I was the Indiana Jones of Homegoods searching for the perfect chalice. I could not let it go, so I changed its meaning. It is empowering to see an item change to fit your needs and still remain beautiful. 

The Wine Decanter

If I had this out, I was drinking at least an entire bottle of red wine. No need for a stopper, y'all. I would go all in and take the wine decanter in front of my TV. Pure class, I tell ya. This was an easy re-purpose. Clean out wine, put in flowers. It makes an elegant vase. I cut Endless Bloom Hydrangeas from the yard...and ta-da.  


The Wine Glasses

Mine were enormous and heavy crystal...not expensive crystal. They are the reasonably priced version of Waterford, Marquis. This is the perfect crystal for me: It looks nice but can go in the dishwasher and be broken without tears. (They don't just make wine glasses!) I made my ex-wine glasses into ice cream bowls...fancy pedestal bowls. Perchance, I will learn to make sorbet and develop a posh accent to match.


Note: Do not use your ex-drinking paraphernalia if it triggers you to drink. Throw it away or put it in a mess of a storage unit where there is no chance you'll find it until you are solidly sober like I am. I truly believe that you have the power to control what you consume and how you consume it. I choose to consume ice cream out of fancy pedestal bowls. The real Martha Stewart might cringe, but I am excited for my next dinner party.