Why did you get sober? Hey girl, me too.

Why did you get sober? Question.

An interesting question, but the answer is completely irrelevant to your character. Were you living under a bridge because you broke your leg and have been addicted to opioids since? Have you just been partying like it was 1999 for a while and 2018 caught up with you? Did you give up alcohol for the health of it? Did you wake up from an afternoon blackout after some sparkling wine and realize you didn't want to be that person anymore? Hey girl, me too. 


A lot of people try to draw hard lines between people who quit drinking "because they had to" and people in a "less bad" state. This is irrelevant in my opinion. Quite frankly, I find that it is just another way to separate the haves from the have-nots. I get this question every single time I refuse a glass of wine. I have hundreds of answers to this question. But. I. Hate. It. The question itself is a way to reinforce a stigma that shouldn't exist. The reason you got sober does not matter. What matters is what happens next. Period.


What life are you building now that you've taken yours back from wine? How are you making decisions now that you're clear-headed and conscious in your life? What is your emotional state now that you can feel? The only question that matters: how do you act when no one is looking?

You are not the school you went to. You are not the money in your bank account. You are not the person your parents were. You are not your job. You are not your past. You are what you give. You are the people you influence. You are the person you choose to be. Do kind shit. 

I should charge for this, y'all. Nah. Recovery is priceless. Exclamation point.