Three Benefits of Walking

My longest walk used to be to the wine rack... 

Today I walk...

For Mental Health:

I’m walkin' for my noggin'. In my new health conscious existence, I walk 7-12 miles a day. I cannot tell you how beneficial these walks are to my mental health. They have been and continue to be the most effective treatment for my anxiety and depression-even when compared to my history of prescription medication.


For Problem Solving:

Walkin' gets my wheels turnin'.  I walk and my brain starts working. I become a problem solver on two feet. I am more creative. I think more. Perhaps it is the blood pumping to my head. Perhaps it is just taking the time away from the constant pull of my iPhone, computer and people. Walking works wonders. 

For Impetus:

Walkin' gets me movin'. Walking puts pep in my step, literally. When I start my day sitting on the sofa or at my desk, I have a lack of momentum. If I start my day with a 20-30 minute walk, I am immediately thrust into a being more productive all day long.


I am not trying to tell you that taking a long walk is a be-all and cure-all. (Maybe I am.) The benefits waaaaaayyy outweight the risks. If you fancy your jaunts like me, we're not alone. Steve Jobs, Beethoven, Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, and Mark Zuckerberg have all been known to believe in the power of the jaunt. 

Walking, y'all. Go. Then, start your fortune 500 company or write a symphony. Or just walk for the sanity of it like me.