20 Bizarre Things I am Grateful for in Recovery

Everyone is in recovery from something. Sometimes it is just a bad attitude, like me. How do you fix a bad attitude? Gratitude lists, errday. 

20 of the most bizarre things for which I'm grateful:

1. Dumpster Diving: I dumpster dive and I am not embarrassed. Being creative keeps me sane. People leave beautiful "in need of love" furniture on the street, and I love refinishing wood. I found these small planters in the alley bin the other day. I glued some magnets on the back of them and voila, succulents on my fridge. 


2. GPS: I struggle in traffic. It used to be my biggest trigger for a breakdown and I'm sad to report that it is still the number one thing I hate in life. Google Maps' traffic feature helps my mental anguish so much.

3. Lavender: You get your sense of smell back when you quit drinking. Guess what? Lots of things stink. People, cabs, Ubers, airplanes...etc. I carry my EOs.

3. A healthy relationship with aging and my weight: You see far too many people all syringed up and underweight nowadays. I can't buy into that. Literally, I cannot spend money on lady-drugs anymore. I am completely against being a lifelong consumer buying drugs women think they need like wine and Botox. Down with marketing drugs to female insecurity. Up to self-love.

4. Carrie Fisher. She said a lot of things about addiction/mental health/women before she passed that has made a huge difference in my thought process.

5. Indoor toilets: Long story, but I had to pee on the side of the street the other day. My hoo-ha was frozen. 

6. Snow boots: Not the most attractive attire, but I wear them every damn snowy day. 

7. Walks: Walkin' for my noggin' I call it.  

8. Respect: We should respect everyone at all times, but mostly I am grateful I can respect myself now. 

9. Clothes washers: I spent 4 days without one last week. There were piles. 

10. Fingernails: I never paid much mind to mine in my drinking days. But, your health really shows in them. True story: when I gave up drinking my nails were the first thing to show my recovery. They slowly got stronger and clearer. Just like me. And, everyone likes physical evidence of a lifestyle being good for you. 


12. Pillows:I used to pass out after drinking wine on my stomach with no pillows. Now I shove one between my legs, behind me, under my head...let’s just say it, I build a man barricade.

13. Glass: I love pretty glassware. I don't break nearly as many now that I am off the hooch. 

14. Free time: It's my favorite thing. What do I do? All the things including #15 and #16.

15. Books: I read at least one a week. I NEVER did this in my drinking days. I'm currently reading this book by Catherine Gray. 

16. Paint: On canvas, on walls...it beautifies and allows individual expression.  My pink abstract painting is on point. 

How to: Buy a canvas, mix acrylic paints to your desired color, move paint brush on canvas. 

How to: Buy a canvas, mix acrylic paints to your desired color, move paint brush on canvas. 

17. Smiles and laughter: My smile is a bit wonky due to a glass picture frame being pelted at my face. But, I love me “as-is.” I didn’t for a long time. Laughter is the cure for everything. I recommend lots of it. 

18. Anonymous acts of kindness: People that brag about doing kind things are the worst. Just do kind sh!t, minus the parade. 

19. Opposing viewpoints: Done with respect, it creates movements. My man jokes that my social conscience keeps me up at night nowadays. It doesn't. That's his snoring. 

20. Water: I am a self-proclaimed aquaholic. La Croix all day, errday. 

La Croix


I am grateful for the ability to feel gratitude itself. Screw the list. This one is the list. 

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