Why you should be happy when people nab your ideas...

We're told our entire lives to focus on our work. Don't cheat off of your neighbor. But, maybe we should. 

I had an aha moment today. I was getting annoyed for the umpteenth when a person recognized uncanny similarities in my blog and another and sent it to me. You know the "I'm so original and make such great points" that we all tell ourselves to justify putting our opinions out there? Yeah, that’s ego, amigo. Let's be honest, I just talk to talk. I hope that others can relate. Then, I move on with my life. But, in true introspective betterment of myself I started to ruminate on why it irritated me. Hmmmmmm. It's the old kindergarten lesson to focus on your own work that was beat into me as a child. 

Guess what? I could not come up with one reason that someone nabbing my thoughts and using them should bother me. But, I came up with a ton of reasons it SHOULD NOT bother me. Hold the phone, y'all. 

Why you should be happy that people are nabbing your ideas...

1. It is relation not invasion. Wouldn't you rather have ideas worth nabbing and expanding upon than ideas that people just say, "what the crap is she talking about?" It means people are relating. That's great. 

2. It is stimulation not invasion. You're not going to run out of ideas. People are blessed with the gift of gab. The more people are influenced by your thoughts, the more you will be compelled to share and dig deeper to find a new idea. You are forced to get to know you. That's not bad. 

3. It is validation not invasion. It gives you hard evidence that you are half-way interesting. Yeah, take that. I always knew sober wasn't boring.  

4. It is connection not invasion.  The more people that are inspired by your thought process, the closer you become to conquering the world. Just kidding. But, you become closer to connecting with a like-minded people and possibly cumulatively improving lives. 

What's your goal anyway?* Are you trying to win the best most revolutionary idea-maker award in the sober community? Nah.

The goal isn't credit. The goal is help. The goal is hope. The goal is change. 





*Yeah, I talk to myself.