Quitting drinking makes you better. No joke.

I quit drinking. My relationship, my health, my finances, my mental well-being, and even my public speaking has improved. I was a rambler, a babbler, in my drinking days. If you gave me a microphone, I'd give you an awkward joke and the occasional knee-slap. But, here I am, speaking to crowds of people everyday with no bad joke left unlaughed. 

I've always attributed my ability to grow and improve my life as a direct result of quitting drinking. But, is it the absence of drinking that ignites the need to better yourself? Or is it the betterment of yourself that ignites you to quit drinking? Are people who choose to quit drinking already on a trajectory to build themselves in a different, perhaps better, image? 

Whether quitting drinking is a catalyst or a pivotal part of the the journey, I'm not sure. But, I am 100% positive that setting down your wine glass makes a grand difference in your quest to become the person you want to be. There is no greater power than having your wits about you. With this clarity you are free to make quantum leaps and take gigantic steps in whatever direction you're headed. That's no joke.