I am just a girl who subscribes to the idea that we help others in recovery for free. And, we pay each other in thank yous.

These types of thank you spread like wildfire throughout people in recovery. It is a 'thank you' for caring enough to help others without payment in return. It is a thank you for your effort. Thank you for showing up and being you. Thanks for not making your help a monetary transaction between two people. This thank you has to do with connection and how recovery flows from one person to the next. It's appreciation. It's caring. It is what addiction recovery should be instead of what it currently is-handing money to other people (who are making money) for advice. I truly believe this. I feel the recovery connection and flow everyday. I cringe at people saying they can lead you in the right direction for a fee. I cringe when people think they have all the answers. I say thank you to people who are there for others in a community out of service to others, versus to "lead them" in their direction.

I started as a means to therapy for myself. And, guess what? It helped me. That was the goal folks. I needed to share to feel less alone. And, in turn, I've received love from all over the world. I am not helping them. Their story helps them and the fact that my story closely aligns solidifies their narrative. So, now, has become a cumulative space where others can share their stories to receive the same benefit that I received. Each and every one story is uniquely valuable. I accept guest posts. Email me, if you'd like to add your tidbits of recovery revelation. No pressure.

All I have to say is thank you for helping me in my own completely selfish but totally warranted and needed self-care way. And, thank you for your connection. Let's take the pricetag off and make addiction recovery priceless. Because it is.


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